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Raspberry Birth


A new kind of antenatal class.


Birth ROCKS® promotes fun, realistic and approachable childbirth and parenting preparation and care for mother and baby.

Our bespoke programmes are the only childbirth and parentcraft programmes and therapies which are built around YOU and your partners needs. We do not believe that one size fits all and respect the fact that every birth and every baby are unique. We use a range of tools including hypnobirthing, massage, breathing and visualization among others to create the best birth plan for you.

For Pregnancy and Birth…

Birth ROCKS:  Our bespoke birth preparation method which will gently guide you and your birth partner towards the birth you want using techniques such as hypnobirthing, massage, breathing and more.

For New Parents and Babies…

Baby ROCKS: Baby ROCKS is our unique and super fun parent craft class, written by a registered nurse midwife, which helps you prepare for the realities of what you need to do when baby arrives. From feeding to bathing and so much more, this little gem will ease away your worries.

Baby ROCKS (Infant) Massage:               Baby ROCKS Infant Massage is our baby massage class from newborn to mobile. Help baby’s brain development, growth and soothe those little ailments like colic and teething that baby finds so distressing.

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